DreamCut – a Place to

Get the Best New Hairdo!

When we founded this hairdressing salon 20 years ago, we

never could have imagined just how popular it will get!


A Wide Range of Services

Starting with offering traditional service of female, male and children’s haircuts, and all the way to Hair coloring, hair care treatments, and special occasion hairdos, we’re eager to offer you more hairdressing services than anybody else in the city!


Hairdressing Services

This salon, founded by three best friends Mary, Brenda and Alberta is now the New York’s women staple for either getting a nice and beautiful hairdo.


So, we suppose that you are

our returning customer.

But let’s be honest, how else could it have ended up, when

anyone visits our incredible salon even once?

Meet Our Stylists!


With combined decades of experience in taking care of your hair, our team of passionate hair stylists is always ready to make you feel and look good!

Emily Walters

Hair Stylist

Den Delorean

Hair Stylist

Emily Walters

Hair Stylist


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